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Comportamento / 23/06/2020

Check out 15 professions that promise in the post-pandemic

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Check out 15 professions that promise in the post-pandemic

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For specialists, professionals with an open mind for the new, initiative and cognitive flexibility will have more prominence in the job market that lies ahead

A new era in the labor market is envisioned by specialists, based on the sudden experience with the coronavirus pandemic. More than the strengthening of the home office, those who follow the trends point to the accelerated expansion of professions related to technology and to the recognition of functions previously in the process of devaluation. Covid-19 also brought profound changes in the behavior of professionals.

The PhD in Educational Sciences Naira Libermann, coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Idear) at PUCRS, the sociologist Dario Caldas, founder of the trends office Observatório de Sinais, based in São Paulo, the psychologist Luciane Simões, founder of Solucionare RH, and PUCRS business school teacher Loraine Müller, also a managing partner at CRTL4Time, a people management software company, suggested professions based on the current market trend. Check out:

CTO - Chief Technology Officer - technical director responsible for taking care of all actions related to the company's technological infrastructure.

Digital Designer - designs, with creativity and technique, functional solutions for screens of different devices.

IT (information technology) manager - among the professional's functions is to prepare, time to time, the company's strategic IT planning to contribute to the corporate strategy.

Social media manager - responsible for image, relationship and engagement and prospecting for a company on digital channels. Strategically thinks about business possibilities through websites and social networks.

Social media assistant - searches for competitive brands or markets, executes campaigns on websites and social networks, among other functions, based on the strategy defined by the manager.

Cybersecurity professional - among the functions that can be performed are those of pentester (responsible for testing an organization's network of vulnerabilities), security software developer, security auditor, security architect, product manager and corporate governance directorate Dice.

Mental health professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists - needed to help fight 21st century diseases: Burnout syndrome, anxiety disorder, depression and panic syndrome.

Yoga instructors, meditation instructors and holistic therapists - professionals who help in the energetic, mental and emotional balance of each person.

Health professionals, such as nursing technicians, nurses, doctors specializing in infectious diseases and virology - the coronavirus pandemic was the largest in the last hundred years, but others have already occurred and, according to experts, the world is not free new occurrences.

Biotechnologist - develops and applies technologies in different areas, researches the effects of drugs and chemical substances and studies genetic improvement.

Financial advisor - provides financial services to individuals and companies, based on the client's financial situation.

HR professional - monitors market trends, s, trains and develops people, manages the organizational climate and acts as a conciliator between employees and the company.

Customer Experience Analyst - seeks new communication channels to offer consumers. Facilitates acquisition, boosts loyalty and improves customer retention.

Sustainability Specialist - a professional who thinks about strategies aimed at people, processes and technology with a positive impact on the environment that, at the same time, keeps the company competitive in the market.

Driver and courier - professions heated by transport applications, home deliveries and the Brazilian market for logistics and private passenger transport. You need to know customer service and negotiation techniques.


At the World Economic Forum 2020, held in January, experts listed 10 key competences for the future of a professional. They are, in order of importance:

Troubleshooting complex problems

Critical thinking


People management

Coordination with others (acting in a shared way)

Emotional intelligence

Discernment and decision making

Service orientation (recognize customer or user needs before they occur)


Cognitive flexibility (willingness to learn)

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