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Direitos Humanos / 07/07/2020

Black activists in the US decide to hold national convention

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Black activists in the US decide to hold national convention

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A national convention of black militants in the United States is being called for August 28. The organization is being carried out by the EJP (Electoral Justice Project) of the M4BL (Moviment For Black Lives - Movement for the Black Lives). It is a movement that brings together more than 150 organizations.

The organizers' idea is to continue the movement that took over the streets of the United States after the murder of several policemen against a black man. George Floyd's brutal asphyxiation death started one of the biggest waves of demonstrations in recent years in that country, bringing the issue of racism and police violence to the center of political discussion.

The event, called the National Black Convention 2020, aims to develop proposals and demands before the presidential elections, which will take place in early November. At the end of the convention, a set of demands must be generated for the first 100 days of the country's new presidency.

The movement's initiative is correct insofar as an event of this size organizes and aligns the objectives and the next steps of the black people. However, one must not trust the farce that bourgeois elections are, with two candidates aligned with imperialist objectives, to different degrees, it is true, with the Democratic candidate having an even more warmongering and interventionist policy at the world level. The movement will gain strength as it proposes effective measures to combat racism, measures that go beyond the shallow reformism of repressive and racist institutions, but that affront the very structure of the regime, including the end of the police, the formation of popular militias, the unrestricted armament of vulnerable populations, the anti-democratic binary electoral reform, the total nationalization of health, the confrontation against the extreme right, among others.

The current struggle that originated in the assassination of George Floyd cannot be content with either promises or small improvements. The struggle of the black people already has great experience of struggle and the necessary understanding that small measures do not solve the problem, but only mitigate some problems for some time. The organized movement must have demands for impact and concrete guarantees that such changes will have the capacity to be defended by the black people.

It is too early to say whether this convention is an attempt to soften the movement, transforming the people's sense of revolt into electoral proposals with little impact. Or if the revolt expressed in the first acts of revolt by the people after George Floyd's assassination will again be practiced with greater organization and effectiveness. There is no other way out for American minorities than to fight effectively against the dictatorial and genocidal regime that the Democratic and Republican parties have implemented for decades. The correct path is already known, the rebellion has cornered capitalists, the bourgeoisie and even the fascist president himself. It is necessary to intensify the struggle, to increase the polarization more and more, the victory of the population will only come this way.

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