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Notícias Nacionais / 20/03/2021

Former skid row in RJ becomes vegetable garden and helps 800 families in the pandemic

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Former skid row in RJ becomes vegetable garden and helps 800 families in the pandemic

Fonte geledes

Look at what wonderful news! The Manguinhos Community Garden, in Rio de Janeiro, has been the main source of food for 800 needy families living in this region.

The place that was once Cracolândia, the scene of many tragedies, today is a source of pride for an entire community!

The vegetable garden is already considered the largest in Latin America because it occupies an area equivalent to four soccer courts. In the space, okra, sweet potatoes, cabbage and vegetables are grown entirely organic.

The Manguinhos vegetable garden was inaugurated in 2013 and is part of the Hortas Cariocas Program, an initiative of the City of Rio, created through the Municipal Environment Secretariat.


The beneficiary families receive food quotas, but are free to ask for more, if necessary. Some homeless people also go there and receive help.

Francisca de Souza, 52, is one of the residents who receive donations the garden weekly. She has five children and two grandchildren. All are unemployed, with no to make a living and have started to guarantee food the Manguinhos vegetable garden.

“I have received donations since the garden started. In addition to what I receive, whenever something is missing at home I go there to ask and they give it to me. Now in the pandemic I need it even more because everyone is at home and it has been even more difficult ”, says Francisca.

Income generation

The Manguinhos Community Garden has the work of 21 people. They all live in the region and make their living exclusively the project.

During the pandemic, the program chose to reduce the number of employees, ensuring security against Covid-19. However, the supply of products remained stable: around two tons are harvested per month in the community alone.

The food here is free of pesticides and grown seasonally: in the summer, vegetables are planted with roots and in the winter it is the leaves' turn.

Weekly, the association meets to distribute part of the food to the most needy families. The other part is sold on the spot at symbolic prices R $ 0.50 to R $ 1.

Less crime and more cleanliness

Juliana Ferreira de Carvalho, a resident of Manguinhos for 18 years who also benefits the vegetable garden, says that the restructuring of the space has reduced crime and expelled animals such as rats and cockroaches, which inhabited the place with drug users.

“I am much happier living here, because now we don't have to deal with the bad smell and the danger has been reduced. The area was all dark and today it has lighting ”, says the resident.

According to the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment, drug users who lived in the region were taken to shelters.

A more than necessary and positive transformation for a space that was the scene of so much tragedy. Look what good news!

For a feminism for the 99%

Editora Boitempo promotes international debates and course on black feminism

next Monday (08/03) until April 12, Editora Boitempo carries out the Introduction to black feminist thought course and the international debate cycle For a feminism for the 99%. Made possible by the Aldir Blanc Law, the program has 24 thinkers and activists five nationalities. All activities are free and without the need for prior registration, being part of the history of international events promoted by the publisher over its more than 25 years.

Introduction to black feminist thinking has six weekly classes, starting on the date that celebrates International Women's Day. Classes are on Mondays at 11am. The cycle of debates For a feminism for the 99% will be this month, days 10, 17, 24 and 31, always at 14h.

All broadcasts will be carried out by TV Boitempo, a channel for Latin American publishers on YouTube.

The program was inspired by the manifesto Feminism for the 99%: a manifesto, authored by Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya and Nancy Fraser, and published by Boitempo in 2019.

Drawing attention to working-class women, the objective is to discuss the premises of an unconditionally internationalist and anti-capitalist feminism that closes ranks with the anti-racist, environmentalist and workers' and immigrant rights movements.

During the event, the books The Patriarchate of Salary: Notes on Marx, Gender and Feminism (v.1), by Silvia Federici, and Intersectionality, by Patricia Hill Collins and Sirma Bilge, will be launched, as well as a free e-book with texts support for programming, with writings by Aleksandra Kollontai, Amanda Palha, Angela Davis, Nancy Fraser, Sueli Carneiro and Talíria Petrone, among others.

The publisher will also promote, March 8 to 15, its traditional Promotion # 8M with discounts of 20 to 50% on all the works in its catalog written by women or that deal with feminism.

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