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Política Internacional / 15/06/2020

Covid19, the pandemic that devalued the entire world in 2020: who is going to buy it now and at what price?

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Covid19, the pandemic that devalued the entire world in 2020: who is going to buy it now and at what price?


I have already touched on previous articles on the fact that the scientific community has been warning for decades about the emerging danger of pandemics. Note that I use the term international scientific community and I do not refer to institutions such as the World Health Organization. When I use the first term, I am talking about scientific knowledge and how it can help us improve. When I speak of the World Health Organization, at least in these times, I speak of how scientific knowledge sinks into bureaucracy, into the selfish interests of a few at the expense of many good people (including those with good ideals who work for these institutions) and in the shame of the governments of countries that are branded as developed, who fly the flag of progress when, really, they do not pursue the progress of humanity as a whole, but, in many cases and sadly for our species and the planet, the only thing they seek is to fatten an income statement at the cost of other people's misfortune, with the sole purpose of not losing certain privileges.

During the recent evolution of the fossil fuel-dependent industrial revolution in which we are immersed and more specifically, the 1970s to the present day, the world economic model has been characterized by large business groups based in developed countries having displaced its most polluting productions to countries environmental regulations are much more permissive and workers' safety conditions are far those required in the countries of origin. At the same time, large private investment groups and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank have sold to these developing countries the chimera that one day they would achieve the desired development, when in reality, what they have done is generate debt Unapproachable with the approval of the governments of these countries, mere intermediaries between citizens and these true wolves of finance.

But make no mistake, these large private investment groups have not dedicated themselves to indebting developing countries. The countries of origin of the migrant industries to developing countries are also indebted. The United States, the hegemonic national economy during and after the Cold War in the world, feels in its own flesh how its national external debt has exceeded 22 billion dollars in 2019 after puncturing the 2008 housing bubble and after the failure of the patch financial imposed as a solution to the real estate crisis. This translates into the fact that more than 7 million Americans were at least 90 days behind on their car loan loans in 2019, according to the Federal Reserve.

This global scenario explains the commitment of many countries and private banks to the acquisition of gold and the increase in the price of other precious metals in the markets.

If this happens with the United States, it is worth asking which government is exempt the debt generated by these investment groups sponsored by its intermediaries: Central Banks, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc. The headlines Brexit has given us recently are not casual dear readers. The world economic model based on the control of oil and raw materials in the first instance, followed by the housing bubble and the technological boom, is reaching very toxic limits and I am not just talking about environmental quality. The gradual loss of the hegemony of the dollar when doing business in the world in which we live, the fragility of the European Union as a project, unable to go beyond an economic union with many nuances starring the debt that they do of political union a chimera and, together with all this, the challenging position of certain national economies that do without the dollar when making their commercial transactions, puts us in a very complicated international scenario 2017-2018.

This global scenario explains the commitment of many countries and private banks to the acquisition of gold and the increase in the price of other precious metals in the markets. Russia has bet heavily on supporting its currency with massive purchases of gold and the People's Bank of China, according to data Bloomberg Intelligence and other sources, has become the second gold deposit in the world ranking, after the United States. These data are 2019, prior to the crisis generated by COVID 19.

Without a doubt, we were already facing a very tense international scenario before the pandemic. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation developed a project to create state-of-the-art nuclear power plants that would use nuclear waste as fuel, reducing nuclear risk to record lows and recycling very hazardous material in a very efficient way. After completing the entire project with a million dollar investment and almost a decade of negotiations with the Chinese government, when the conditions for the start-up of this type of plant in China were already in place, the Trump Administration prevented the development of this project after declaring the trade war to the Asian giant. This gives an idea of ​​how the international scene was before the crisis unleashed by COVID 19.

Many analysts spoke of a reset of the world economy as a result of an agreement between the main national economies of the world, returning to the gold standard as a reference for monetary value and thus creating new rules for the world economy. Does anyone seriously believe that returning to the gold standard is going to solve the world's socioeconomic problems? Is this not due rather to the need to justify and cover up certain realities that are related to the operation of certain large investment groups, which They obey private interests, but they have a decisive influence on the economies of the countries, both in public and private management. What margin of maneuver do the governments of the nations have given the degree of freedom of action that these greats have? financial groups, which move their capital one place to another in search of maximum profit, who make decisions that can fatally injure a country's economy without even relying on the will of its minority shareholders, who take refuge in paradises prosecutors and after complicated fiscal machinery whenever they can ?, who would benefit the return to the gold standard, the majority of the citizens of the United States, perhaps those of China, the average Spaniard or the large investment groups unable to collect their debts because their debtors are no longer able to cope with so much parasite? And most importantly, to whom are the majority shareholders of these large investment groups accountable, to the governments of their respective nations, to the IMF or to God?

Who are making money at these unfortunate times for humanity? The public funds of the various affected nations? The average ordinary citizen? Dear readers, in order to earn money and make the decisions that really move the world, there are the large investment groups or rather, their managers and the great fortunes that protect them. Let's see above some examples of what I say.

Amazon shares are listed on the Nasdaq like never before, above 2300 dollars, while traditional trade must remain closed and keep its employees in our country. It is what confinement has. The same thing happens to Netflix and other digital platforms that tax ridiculous amounts in our country compared to their income.

Those of us who have truly suffered the terrible consequences of this disease do not deserve the acts of false charity that the presidents of China and the United States declaring that they are going to give us a vaccine.

The pharmaceutical company Gilead, marketer of the antiviral drug remdesivir, will have an estimated income due only to this drug during the pandemic of 2.5 billion euros. Black-Stone, do you remember the vulture funds that bought the subsidized homes in Madrid at a discounted price? Yes sir, the same. Don't you know the founders of this company come , with heavy investments in the global real estate sector? Both worked for Lehman Brothers. They have raised 9.8 billion euros belonging, to a large extent, to portfolios related to public pension funds, to make strategic investments taking advantage of the scenario created by this Coronavirus crisis. They are the cause of the increase in the rental price in many areas of Madrid and other large cities in the world, making decisions that have to do with public funds destined to provide the pensions of millions of retirees.

A clear example of a powerful investor group originating the United States with a great impact on the Chinese economy is the Fidelity Group. Founded in 1969, this group is widely distributed worldwide and in 2009 began working as an asset manager for the China National Social Security Fund. But was China not communist, anti-capitalist, and anti-American?

Now, yes, when it comes to talking about true power on the current international scene, you definitely have to talk about Black Rock. It is the most powerful investment group in the world ($ 7.4 trillion at the end of 2019). Its tentacles reach all major decision centers worldwide: major US and world banks, the arms industry, the oil industry, the chemical industry (with shares in Bayer-Monsanto, BASF, Du Pont, Linde, Arkema and Air Liquide) and airlines, to cite the most relevant sectors. With a tendency to foster monopoly tendencies, world governments will have to count on them when making decisions in such sensitive fields as global energy change and global warming, they have already been the target of much criticism for inaction. And of course, they will have to count on them when making decisions in the scenarios created by this crisis.

Everything mentioned so far is nothing more than some notes that draw attention. Undoubtedly, many assertions of this type fit with other large investment groups as protagonists. My intention was just to show some notable examples when talking about something as harmful and toxic as speculation and the economic, political and social models that allow it.

When one analyzes all this information as a whole, one wonders what is the true role of the governments of the countries, regardless of how they are chosen, in a world like ours. Who makes the truly relevant decisions for our lives and on what basis? What are countries and their institutions for in a world like this? What are International Organizations for and what interests do they defend? is the sacred gift of individual freedom? Do we need a vaccine full of egos against COVID 19 or other states of consciousness that lead to a fairer reality for all? This pandemic has devalued the world, who is going to buy it now and at what price? This is the trillion dollar question.

I think that those of us who have truly suffered the terrible consequences of this disease do not deserve the acts of false charity that the presidents of China and the United States have shown, declaring that they will give us a vaccine that, if things were done well now on The same would not be necessary in many areas of the planet. If I have learned anything this pandemic it is that fears prevent you moving forward and seeing beyond the everyday. I have found that despite being more connected and having more information than ever, such a small nucleus of minds moved by a sick ego has never had so much control over humanity as a whole.

I think it is high time that each individual on this planet is aware of the true value of their individuality and of what surrounds them. At best, in this way we could reduce our debts and, incidentally, avoid greater evils to our planet and to ourselves. I feel like Neo in Matrix, faced with the choice of choosing one of the two famous pills. I have already chosen, and you?

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