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Religião e Espiritualidade / 23/06/2020

Pantheon of Aztec Divinities and Their Meanings - PART 4

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Pantheon of Aztec Divinities and Their Meanings - PART 4

Fonte Thpanorama

Continuing our story about the pantheon of Aztec deities and their meanings

31- Citlalicue

The star-creating goddess, along with her husband Citlalatonac. He also created the milky way, earth, death and darkness.

32- Cinteteo

Name by which the Aztecs called the four corn gods. They were sons of the goddess Centeotl and the god Cinteotl.

Their names were Iztac-Cinteotl (white maize), Tlatlauhca-Cinteotl (red maize), Cozauhca-Cinteotl (yellow maize) and Yayauhca-Cinteotl (mblack eye).

33- Ahuiateteo

Group of gods of excess and pleasure, also represented the risks and dangers that accompany the first. They were related to the Tzitzimimeh, a group of supernatural beings who personified death, drought and war.

34- Centzonhuitznahua

Group of gods of the southern stars. They were the evil sons of Coatlicue and brothers of Coyolxauhqui.

Together, these brothers tried to kill their mother while she waited for Huitzilopochtli. His plan was thwarted when the older god was born adult and ready for battle, in which he murdered them all.

35- Centsontotochtin

Aztec gods of wine and pulque, were represented by a group of rabbits that met in alcoholic celebrations. Among others, were Tepotztecatl, Texcatzonatl and Colhuatzincatl.

36- Cipactonal

Aztec god of astrology and calendars.

37- Cihuateteo

Female group of Aztec spirits who died during childbirth. The Aztecs believed that this group of spirits followed the sun while hiding each night.

38- Chalchiutotolin

She was considered a goddess of disease and plagues. It was a symbol of powerful witchcraft. His nahual, or animal, representation was a turkey that terrorized villages bringing disease and death.

39- Chimalma

She was considered the mother of the god Quetzalcoatl. Its name means "coat" in Nahuatl.

40- Coyolxauhqui

Daughter of Coatlicue and Mixcoatl, she was an Aztec goddess who led her four hundred brothers in an attack on her mother, when she learned she was pregnant with Huitzilopochtli.

However, when her fully grown brother was born and ready for battle, she was murdered and dismembered. A disc found at the Templo Mayor in Mexico City represents this path.

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