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Religião e Espiritualidade / 25/06/2020

Pantheon of Aztec Divinities and Their Meanings - PART 5

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Pantheon of Aztec Divinities and Their Meanings - PART 5

Fonte Thpanorama

Continuing our story about the pantheon of Aztec deities and their meanings

51- Xochiquetzal

She was the Aztec goddess of female fertility, beauty and sexual power. She was the protector of young mothers and of pregnancy, childbirth and the arts practiced by women during this stage, such as sewing and embroidery.

52 - Xolotl

Aztec god of sunset, lightning and death. He was in charge of protecting the sun while traveling to the underworld every night. Dogs were associated with this deity and it was believed that these animals accompanied the souls of the dead on their journey to the underworld. Usually he was represented graphically as a fierce dog.

53- Zacatzontli

He is the Aztec god of the road. He had a cane in his left hand and a bag full of quetzales on his right. He was the protector of the merchants.

Helped travelers during their travels.

54- Tzitzimime

Aztec deity related to the stars. She was represented as a female skeleton wearing skirts with designs of bones and skulls. He was considered a demon.

55- Xantico

Aztec goddess of fires and stoves in Aztec houses.

56- Toci

Grandmother goddess, represented healing and healing.

57- Malinalxochitl

Goddess and sorceress of snakes, scorpions and desert insects. She was Huitzilopochtli's sister.

58 - Omacahtl
Its name means "two reeds". It was considered by the Aztecs as the god of fun, celebrations, parties and joy.

They personified him as a plump man, painted in black and white with a mantle surrounded by flowers and a crown full of multicolored papers.

During festivals and celebrations, they offered corn and asked for wealth (Spengleriano, 2014).

He was adored by the cooks, who invoked him when they had to prepare dinner, so that the food would not cause any discomfort to the guests.

When the rich offered a banquet, they revered him in a special way. During the celebration, they placed an image of Omacahtl with a hole in the abdomen. In this hole the host was placing delicacies to keep him happy, thus preventing him getting angry and taking revenge, causing them indigestion.

59 - Patecatl

God inventor of medicine among the Aztecs. It is called the god of fertility and healing.

It was the couple of Mayahuel, beautiful goddess who came to live with mortals and not being discovered became the plant of the maguey.

Fermenting the root of the originated maguey pulp, which is an alcoholic drink made this plant. That is why Patecalt is also called a pulque god.

He also found the divine cactus or peyote and wanted to invent an extraordinarily beneficial remedy, made pulque with peyote pulp.

patecatl and Mayahuel originated the totochtin Cotozon, which are the 400 rabbits, 400 spirits or lesser gods of the pulque and, therefore, are considered the gods of drunks and drunkenness. (Aztec mythology, 2007).

60 - Opochtli

He was part of Tláloc's group of companions. He was considered the god of hunting and fishing for birds among the Aztecs. He was the creator of fishing nets, the fishing rod and the harpoon.

It was symbolized completely painted in black, with a scepter, holding a red shield and wearing a crown of feathers and paper on the head.

At fishermen's parties, it was offered with foods such as corn, pulque and incense.

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