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Serviços Humanitários / 26/06/2020

New report series - Amazing projects to do volunteer work in South America - Part 1

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New report series - Amazing projects to do volunteer work in South America - part 1

Fonte Worldpackers

Thinking of doing volunteer work in South America? See the most inspiring social projects to participate in your next trip!

Imagine how amazing it is to explore our continent, meet inspiring people, spend little and still help social projects? This is all possible through Worldpackers, you can find several legal volunteering opportunities in South America.

Activities vary widely: teaching English and producing videos to setting up vegetable gardens and taking care of horses. Likewise, the project sites range beaches loved by surfers to towns in the mountains. your itinerary, your goals and your skills, you can choose the opportunity that suits you best.

It is worth remembering that in the case of volunteer vacancies, a weekly fee is often charged to cover the costs of Worldpackers. This is because these are non-profit projects and the proposal is that the stay will bring benefits to the host community without causing extra expenses.

In addition, to volunteer ethically abroad it is recommended to do a lot of research on the organization, prioritize places you can exercise skills you already have, be humble and open to learning and stay as long as possible, in order to maximize its impact .

To help in your search, I ed 10 of the best social projects to do volunteer work in South America:

1. Peru Peru Volunteering - Huancayo, Peru

How is the project

Peru Peru Volunteering is an organization focused on improving the level of education of children living in Huancayo, in the Mantaro Valley, seven hours by bus Lima.

What activities can you do

The project offers the opportunity to act on several fronts, such as taking care of horses, giving sports lessons and developing a permaculture plantation. It is even possible to set up a work schedule mixing different activities.

Participation fee

This host charges a fee of USD 130 per week to cover Worldpacker expenses (wifi, electricity, laundry, food, etc.).

What you get in return

Working on this project you get two days off per week, accommodation in a shared room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also wash your clothes for free on site, and take advantage of free language classes.

Volunteers' accommodation is five minutes the city center, the Worldpacker will find supermarkets, banks and tourist attractions. In the surroundings, it is possible to make trails and visit lakes, ruins and typical villages that maintain ancient traditions. The accommodation includes hot shower, wi-fi and kitchen.

Traveler Reviews

This host has 13 traveler reviews, with an average of 5 stars. Travelers like Brazilian Lulu highlighted "the hostess' attention, affection and continued presence", while Frenchwoman Lucie commented that the hostess "knows a lot about Peru and can make you discover many things about the country, being a great guide ".

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